Tom Burns

Taekwondo / Second Instructor

Tom is a seasoned Taekwondo practitioner, having started back in 2006 at the young age of 6 with dreams of being a Ninja. After achieving his 1st dan blackbelt in 2011, Tom transitioned into focusing on sparring, making his first national team in 2015. In 2016, Tom reached the quarterfinals of the junior world championships in Burnaby Canada. 2 years later, Tom achieved a bronze medal at the 2018 Oceania championships in Tahiti.Since then, Tom decided he wanted to level up his Taekwondo skills and at the age of 18 moved to South Korea to attend University and further his Taekwondo knowledge. Tom’s greatest achievements were achieved in 2020, when he won the Oceania selections for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Tom then competed in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games, gaining  7th place after losing to the Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalists. Tom has now transitioned into full time coaching and teaching, and loves passing on his knowledge to the next generation and helping them achieve their full potential

  • 2nd Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon
  • Performance Coach Level 1 – Kyorugi
  • Korea Nazarene University Taekwondo Graduate
  • 7x New Zealand Champion
  • 2016 Junior world championships 5th Place
  • Australian Open Bronze Medal
  • Oceiana Championships Bronze Medal
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Oceiana Selections Gold Medal
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic games 7th Place